A Very Nifty Pin Holder

Garments that are folded for shipping are often held together with metal pins. But what do you do with these pins when you unpack a shirt or blouse, etc., at a store to try it on?

During a recent visit to a clothing store I noticed a great solution to this problem.

This pin holder is mounted to the inside wall of the changing booth. Placed right next to the booth’s door, you can hardly miss it, and thanks to the big, simple label, it is easy to tell what this device is for even when it doesn’t hold any pins.

The pins are held in place by a magnetic strip, which makes the pins adhere flatly to the mounting plate. As a result, it is much less fiddly to pick one up than grabbing one from a disorderly pile, and the risk of pricking your finger while doing so is reduced as well.

If a pin happens to fall off the magnetic strip, it will likely drop into the bent-up lip at the bottom of the mounting plate, instead of falling onto the floor where someone could step on them.

The bent-up bottom lip may also help prevent someone, who inadvertently bumps against the pin holder, from pricking herself.

Thanks to a thoughtful designer’s work, this device lets customers dispose of pins safely and conveniently. And because it collects all pins in one location, it also means less hassle for the store’s personnel when picking them up.