Thinking (of Placing the Handle) Inside the Box

Carrying large and heavy cardboard boxes can be awkward. In some cases (no pun intended), the very contents inside the box can inspire a solution to this problem.

We recently bought a new vacuum cleaner. At first glance, the box that the appliance came in definitely was of the awkward-to-handle variety. The designers of the packaging had come up with an ingenious idea to make it much more convenient to carry this large and heavy box.

They had placed a little cut-out lid on the short side of the box right “above” the location of handle of the vacuum that was packaged inside. There is even a semi-circular hole to easily pull out the lid with a finger.

The lid on the side of the box is pre-cut on three of its four sides and bears a graphic that illustrates how to open it, and what to grab on the inside.

By reaching through the opened lid, you can get a solid grab on the vacuum’s handle, and carry the entire box and its contents around without too much hassle or effort.

By reaching through the opening, you can grab the handle of the vacuum that's inside the box.